Thursday, June 24, 2010

Effective August 2nd, Recovery System Active


The Berkeley County Library System Board has enacted a policy to use an agency, Unique Management, to recover long overdue items, fines and fees. The cost of this service is passed on to customers whose account will be handled by the agency. This policy goes into effect on August 2, 2010.

This policy was developed with all library customers in mind. Materials not returned are not available for others to use or borrow. When materials are not returned, in most cases, money from the library budget is used to replace them. In times of dwindling budgets, return of materials is crucial. We have found that long overdue materials are usually popular items that other customers are waiting to check out. Our goal is to purchase new items for customer use instead of replacing non-returned items.

The library will still notify patrons that their materials are overdue giving customers ample time to respond prior to being turned over for collection. Unique Management works only with libraries. They specialize in the recovery of overdue materials and have an excellent record of treating customers professionally.

Only a very small percentage of customers using the library do not return materials as agreed so this new policy will not affect the vast majority of customers who return materials on time. Customers exceeding $25 in long overdue materials, fines and/or fees will be contacted by Unique Management personnel. All monies due are payable at the library. Unique Management does not handle payments.

The Library is committed to providing excellent service and having the latest materials available that customers desire. For questions or comments, please contact Donna Osborne, Director of Berkeley County Library System at 719-4243.

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