Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reading the World in 196 Days Ann Morgan

15 July 2013
BBC Culture

Staff Recommendation

Author Ann Morgan describes her endeavor to read a book from every country in one year. By her own admission, Ms. Morgan who is English, acknowledges that with few exceptions she had not read works of fiction by non-English speaking writers. She undertakes this Herculean task to gain a a greater cultural awareness. Much of the article concerns her need for help to find  books that fit her needs and the assistance she received. Ms. Morgan also blogged about the experience. This was a  reading marathon if  ever there was one!

This article caught my eye for three reasons:
1.  I had just read Ferdinand von Schirach’s The Collini Case  and planned to recommend it as a staff pick at the Goose Creek Library. A  review of the The Collini Case  mentioned the author was the German 'John Grisham.' I liked the idea of reading the German equivalent of a Grisham novel. Not only did I really  enjoy  the novel , I gained an insight into German society. 
2. There is currently an emphasis on literacy in American schools. 
3. The need for a multicultural, global perspective in our society is often touted by politicians. It is necessary if we are to compete on a global level.

I believe  a scaled-down version of Ms. Morgan’s quest could be duplicated in our public schools and libraries to broaden our knowledge of  societies other than our own.

William Brewer
Reference Assistant
Goose Creek Library Branch

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